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Vulpes Industrial consists of an experienced team of scientists and engineers. We have research facilities, all the engineering equipment, and talents to scale up from lab units to operational factories. We are capable of delivering highly tailored engineering solutions specifically designed for your needs, at a fair price.

We currently offer tailored water treatment solutions and a wide variety of industrial chemicals, including chemicals for solvent extraction, photoresist stripper for IC manufacturing, etc.

Advanced Water Treatment
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Advanced Oxidation
Through our proprietary advanced oxidation module, we can improve the efficiency of COD/BOD reduction by up to 300% in comparison to normal methods.
Heavy Metal Removal
Our proprietary chemicals can selective bind with heavy metals, precipitate out, and be ready for recycling as ores. Our process is highly efficient and turns hazards into resources.
Automated Processing
Our systems require minimal human intervention. They adjust themselves according to weather, water quality, and other variables and alert on-site personnel if any intervention is needed.
WHY choose us
We never sell you a pre-designed system. Instead, our scientists and engineers will listen to your needs, and tailor-design a system that works specifically for you, all within your budget!
Design, Tailored for You
We always listen. Our teams of scientists and engineers are capable of making highly specific designs and adjustments so that our systems work specifically for you. You never pay for over-engineering, generic designs, or idled components with us!
Industry Leading Technology
We are capable of developing and integrating industry leading technologies. In fact, we are among the very first to commercialize the advanced oxidation systems and heavy metal removal systems in a large scale.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We offer free trial periods to ensure the water treatment system fulfills your need. We offer our engineers on-site not only to facilitate installation, but also optimization and training.
If you’re looking for tailored, fair priced water treatment solutions, look no further!

We have a highly efficient turnaround time. Our teams work around the clock to fulfill your needs.


We do not offer you off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we develop specific solutions based on your needs.

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